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23 December 2020


Here we go ISSUE 9 of the SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE!!!

 In this Issue:

Ron Morelli interviews David Foster aka Huren, a DJ Psychology TEST, A Scene in SHOCK: DJs in 2020, a bunch of D.I.Y articles,  PPU records, Gino’s Psychedelic trip guide, lots of ASCII ART, diary from a techhouse producer, Studio tips, experimental archeology with a calculator and lots lots more!!! 

Read it HERE 

(P.S. This most probably looks really f*Cked up on a phone, you got to read it on a computer old school haxor style)

ALSO for the FIRST time we got a ‘COVER TAPE’ a compilation with various supercool artists from the Shadow Wolf CYBERZINE-o-SPHERE. You can get that compilation for free/paywhatyouwant here




Finnish demoscene legend Vesari made a Commodore Amiga computer version! Check out the cool movie below and the .MOD version of my ‘Danger in the Air’ track playing in the background which sounds better then the original in it’s crunchy Amiga .MOD music format appearance. Download the Amiga version on AMINET here

If you never heard of the Amiga: The Commodore Amiga is still the greatest computer ever, a creative rebellious cyberpunk powerhouse that started zillions of music/graphic/design/animation/coding careers in the latter 1980s and 1990s. As a musical instrument it is a raw sampler/sequencer/drummachine that earned its place in gear history next to, let’s say an EMU SP1200, MPC and stuff like that. Sadly they went bankrupt in the 90s and now we have to use boring PC’s & Macs. In a parralel dimension Amigas are still thriving and the world is a peacefull utopia.

Also some more AMIGA legowelt related news: Fastram from PT1210MK1 (the cult Amiga .mod tracker DJ software) converted the Legowelt Drum Wizardry sample pack to Amiga 8 bit sample format so you can use it straight away in your Amiga trackers! Download the converted Amiga Legowelt Drum Wizardry sample pack here. (.LHA file 3,3 Megabytezzz)

6 December 2023


YESSS! shADoW WOLF cYbErZinE ISSUE 11,Legowelt’s underground electronic music art DIY counter culture lifestyle zine is now available as a paper zine!

48 pages packed with insanity! A fistful of comparative anthropologic semiotics and lots of piss-takes on our rotten “scene”!!! DIY music tips, two comics (Wombald & Slorpy go to Berlin and Wombald and Slorpy go Modular!), a boardgame version of the Loch Ness expanded computer game, a DJ horoscope, Memphis rap gear, A DJ psycho hygiene personality test and lots more! Available at the legowelt band camp here: https://legowelt.bandcamp.com/merch


Copies also available at 3345 in The Hague now, next week also Clone rotterdam. if you are a store and want to stock the zines hit me up1

I always bring copies to my shows, talking about shows, here’s some coming up:

9 December  Ars Independent Festival Katowice Poland 
Polish screening of Ambient trip Commander film with live soundtrack!!!

22 December Amelia Milano Italy

23 December LO-FI Amsterdam Holland

30 December About Blank Berlin Germany

5 January Standard Time Toronto Canada

6 January GOOD ROOM Brooklyn New York USA

13 January IBOAT Bordeaux  France

2 February House of Music Budapest Hungary Hungary

9 February Grauzone Festival PAARD The Hague Holland

11 February Grauzone Festival KOORENHUIS
screening of my Ambient Trip commander Animation film with live soundtrack and Q&A The Hague Holland

30 December 2021


Yesss here we go : – ) The latest issue of the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine!!! 
Oldschool haxor electronic music freakscene ASCII e-zine full of controversial articles, interviews, DIY & Studio tips, music reviews. poems, letters, ASCII art and all kinds of other stuff.

You should really read it on a computer/desktop/laptop browser.. This will not really work on a phone and probably pad…?it will look all jumbled up – i dunno i have never used a pad in my life.

Read it HERE (BROWSER version)

plain TXT version

Like last year the zine comes with a ‘covertape’ compilation with featured and other cool artists. This is free/pay what you want and can be downloaded at the Legowelt bandcamp: 


The download includes the zine in .txt version



12 November 2021
Shadow Wolf Cyberzine на русском языке
Недавно SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE ISSUE #8 был переведен на русский язык l33t HaXor п3р3B0д4ик0м. Helena – спасибо вам большое за работу! Читайте здесь 🙂

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Issue 8

Here we go!!! the 8th issue of the SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE – another action packed ASCII cyberzine with: Confessions from club promoters, Nostalgie de la Boue, Studio Tips, Acidic Male, Franziska Lantz, Unconvential Modular Modules, The Origins of ACIDHALL music (Including a free ACIDHALL compilation), Tylers Cyber Corner, Guerilla Gardening, AI and music making a cheap reflection, Muzikaal Dobbelspel and lots lots more!!!

Check it out here -> Shadow Wolf CyBeRzInE Issue#8

(This does not work on phones you got to use a computer to read it – oldschool BBS haXoR style)

25 December 2018


Heyooo here we go a new fresh issue of the SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE!!!

Issue 7 already with lots of interviews with cool artists like Michele Mercure, Surf Nazis Must Die soundtrack composer John McCallum, WEME records boss Frederic Mergam, Studiotips with Shawn Rudiman, Terry Riley’s LIFESPAN soundtrack, Peter Slaghuis’ DISCO BREAKS II – lots of DIY hacks like turning any cassetterecorder into a infinite multitrack recorder, how to build a field recording dome, Video Advice, music tips, the return of U-TRAX records and lots more!!! check it out here

Upcoming new Issue of the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine

Later this month the 7th Issue of the Shadow Wolf cyberzine will be released, if you want to participate you got till around 16 december to send in your writings. For the ASCII Art, text format and email to send your article to -> check this infosheet I made for the Shadow Wolf workshop at Worm Rotterdam earlier this year.


12 February 2018


Here is a new special issue of the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine. Number 6 – most of it was made in one Saturday afternoon – on the 10th of February 2018 – at a Shadow Wolf cyberzine workshop seminar in the WORM institute in Rotterdam.  Around 20 participants were introduced in Cyberzine culture and ASCII art and embarked on making their own content for the zine. 

Some subjects that the participants wrote about:  Diabolo in Musica – David Vunk’s International Mayonaise review – MS20 Tinitus sound therapy  – The other parallel internet that time forgot – Animistic Belief’s secret family noodle recipe – OPAMPS The building blocks of Synthesizers – Wondrous Worms and lots more!

Read it here!

6 February 2018

Cyberzine Workshop In Worm Rotterdam

Saturday 10 February at the Worm Institute For Avant Garde Media Rotterdam – I’ll do a ‘Make Your Own Shadow Wolf Cyberzine’ seminar. From 15:00 till 19:00 me and the participants are going to make a new issue of this e-zine.

UPDATE: If you want to attend this workshop please download
the necessary software & template here (Linux – MAC – Windows)

Legowelt will give a brief introduction and history on ’cyberpunk’ E-Zines (or Cyberzines), pre internet BBS culture, ASCII art and explain how to come up with ideas, subjects, write articles, make ASCII Art yourself and use the necessary software (SEAMONKEY composer in this case) – then we will put together an entire cyberzine, each of the participants contributing to this new special issue.

E-zines/Cyberzines  were mostly ASCII text file based zines that were distributed through telephone modem computer networks and floppy disks before the dawn of the internet – often distributed through BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems check out this cool documentary on this subject).

These E-zines were text files written by hackers, freaks, nerds, artists, Sci-Fi
fans, outcasts, psychotic weirdos, mad dealers and kindred folk, about what
was happening in their lives, to reach out to other people with similar
interests, lonely people  scattered around the world connecting in
CYBERSPACE and creating their own micro cultures around their hobbies and
beliefs. Most of these e-zines would be about hacking and anarchic subjects.
They  would have cool names like MAGIK (Master Anarchists Giving Illicit
Knowledge) MINDCRIME, The Scrolls of Serenia, HAKD (Ho’z ASCII Anarchy
Komputerz and  Drugz), SURFPUNK Technical Journal, some of them like the
legendary PHRACK and HEX40 magazines still exist today.

CYBERZINES are more important then ever – especially nowadays were
it seems that all these original romantic values of the cyberpunk/space
world  are falling apart with corporate institutions dumbing everything
down. CYBERSPACE is not facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or your google+
prison which scans every fart you make to sell you more useless stuff you
don’t need for your consumer selfie “look at me I am so happy” lifestyle.
CYBERSPACE extends all over the place, lightyears removed from your
lolcatz and facebook likes…a transcendental hyperreality matrix
from seedy little corners only visited by enlightened freaks to an infinite
world of clandestine knowledge that extends into infinity without CONTROL

Start: 15:00 End: 19:00 WORM #Wunderbar Foyer
Boomgaardsstraat 71 Rotterdam

This event is free

More information here

Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Issue 5

Here it is…Issue 5 of the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine.
Featuring an interview with IASOS – pioneer of Inter-Dimensional music, Alexander Robotnick, A synthesizer Quiz, A Guide to Lucid Dreaming & lots lots more!!! Read it here

Here is also a fresh new DJ Mix to celebrate the new Issue tracklisting is in the cyberzine!