Welcome to the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine workshop seminar!

WORM Institute for Avant Garde Media Rotterdam 10 February 2018

The workshop starts at 15:00 and goes on till 19:00 - entrance is free

Here is some stuff for the participants, you can do all this during the seminar too but a well prepared
human is one step aheard ;) If you don't have or want to bring your laptop don't worry there will be some computers
available to work on at the seminar too.

Download the following files:





  (we have to use an older version because the newer version automaticly places . dots when you type something and
    move the cursor ahead - this is quite irritating when making ASCII art, I am not sure if this a function that you can turn
    off - it didn't do it in previous versions - if you know anything about this please let me know :) )
   So ignore the WARNINGS that it is an instable older version when downloading -> we are just going to use the
    composer side of it - not surf the web with it

also download this file:

(hover on the link hit CTRL and do save target as - or open the html page and save it to your HD)

Download and install the SEAMONKEY program - this is an open source web browser with a rather old school build in
webcomposer/text editor called COMPOSER - we are going to use this to write the articles and make any ASCII art!
To open the COMPOSER - open the SEAMONKEY program go to WINDOW in the file menu and choose COMPOSER

In the composer choose open file and open the CYBERZINE TEMPLATE.htm file, this is a template of the Shadow Wolf
cyberzine format so it makes it easier for you to work on it without any unnessesary text formating hassle.

This is were you are going to write/make your content during the workshop - between the 2 bottom lines.

Some tips and pointers:
You are free to do anything you want - If you don't want to make ASCII art you can just write the content / articles / tips/
reviews/ puzzles / quizes/ maps / diagrams / sigils / mazes / "videogames" with no interaction (see ASCII SKI SIMULATOR
in issue 5 of the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine)
if you dont want to write articles you can make ASCII Art or just chill
You can work in teams, alone with your dog or pet whatever you want!
Do not flush your emotional pet hamster down the toilet

Please do not make sentences longer then the limit that is on the template, if you have any problems 'formating' the text
please let me know.

Do absolutely NOT change the FONT size or use another font then COURIER

A quick way to do ASCII ART FONT titles is using the TAAG online ASCII font generator check it out here
the standard ASCII font for the Shadow Wolf article titles is OGRE.
to avoid any text format problems copy the ASCII font title into a clear fresh text editor (Like TEXT Edit on the MAC)
then copy it from there and past it into the Seamonkey composer

Please do not use any picture to ascii art converters - these wont really work - the ASCII art that comes out of there is too big
and too cluttered. Any ASCII art other then the titles should be HANDMADE!
You are ofcourse welcome to hand type the titles too!

You can use any available text symbols within the SEAMONKEY composer to make the ASCII art,

When you are ready save the file using SAVE AS giving it your name
send the file to:     shadowcyberzine   //A//T//  legowelt.org
or give it to me on a USB disk or whatever

If you can't think of a subject to write about here are some random subjects:

Cryptozoology in the local dutch dunes

The Fokker G1 heavy twin engine fighter cruiser

Technological Singularity & Psychedelics -> what if an A.I. entitiy starts using some kind of cyber pychedelic drugs
 (and for that matter what if an A.I. entity becomes a junkie, addicted to cyberCRACK or something - some interesting
philosophical roads to be discovered)

D.I.Y projects like building an Aurora Borealis Simulator out of CDs, silverfoil, a flashlight and some other stuff

An ASCII map of Arkham or Innsmouth or Dunwhich or why not the whole Miskatonic region!?!

Interviewing an artist/musician that is present at the seminar (like David Vunk who will participate too)

The lost islands of Doggerland and Vikingberg in the North Sea

Cheap digital rompler synthesizer reviews

Code listings for Commodore 64 (or any other obsolete computer) BASIC 'oneliners' or 'kiloliners' - very short programs
that do weird stuff

Ideas and tips for culture jamming operation mindfuck stuff

Thank you for participating :)