Heyooooo welcome to legowelt.org running in a dusty corner of the internet since 1998 ****** See Legowelt live 2nd of May in Santiago de Chile - for the first time ever in Chile! ****** The New Nightwind records tapes are pretty much sold out - there might be still a few stores that have copies like decks.de and Phonica - the IFM store and some others - anyways I will try to make some more copies this month *** If you haven't checked it out yet there is a new sample pack of my Moog Minimoog check it out below! ********** Ok thats it for today Laterzzzzzzzzzzzz ********

24 April 2018

The Masterpiece Society DJ Mix

A Fresh all new Legowelt DJ mix! check it out on soundcloud:


Guccigate – Fuck Cops
Betonkust & Palmbomen II – 24×33
Coco aᴚoᵯᴃ – Natalie Natalia
Modo – Niagara Falls
Lady Blacktronika – A Lonely Spaceprogram Who Doctor
Delroy Edwards – Killer Charlie
Los Paranos – Living On A Red Line
Bergsonist – Control Over The System
Sir Lord Commix – Pieces Of A Dream
Cellophane – Gimme Love
Luke Eargoggle – Find A Land
Chicago Jim – Chicago Jim LP
Jason Hogans – Worm Never Dies
Innershades – Revenge
Terrence Dixon – Detroit City At Night
Unovidual – Comme Je Suis (Sammo SynthB remix)
Jin Cromanyon  ドイツのポスター
Lost Soul Enterprises – Technology is Garbage
Legowelt – I Have Seen Other Worlds
We R Tuesday Nights Vol.4 edits by Mike Dunn
Hieroglyphic Being – No More Fears Box Version
Annette – Dream 17
Funk Logic – Black  Napoleon
The J.B’s – Theme From King Heroin


19 April 2018

Legowelt in Paris

This Saturday 21 april, or rather sunday morning I DJ from 5.30 till 9.30 at the Concrete In Paris. See you there!!! Tickets and info here

16 April 2018

New Nightwind Tapes Out Now!!!

EDIT: they are pretty much sold out DECKS.DE has some copies left, and PHONICA in the UK maybe some other stores too

Three new tapes available now on Legowelt’s Nightwind Records label:

NW019 Loch Ness Expanded Soundtrack – Cassette version of this Commodore 64 videogame soundtrack originally released on the Legowelt website in 2012 – with new artwork, liner notes, remastered and with new unreleased tracks! Buy the tape at Clone or IFM or Bleep.com – digital free here on the Legowelt bandcamp (a new digital version recorded straight from the tape so you can experience the tape magnetism and also including the extra tracks and some extras)

NW017 Sammy Osmo’s Schaduw Horizon – Chrome type II tape cassette re-issue of this saught after DX7 drenched dutch spywave album originally released on CDR only on Strange Life records in 2007 – Remastered with liner notes – buy the tape at Clone or IFM or Bleep.com– digital on the Legowelt bandcamp

NW015 Bontempi 666 – Berceuses Pour Sara -> varicoloured smoozed saturated electronics and space jazz ,made on a Bontempi BT805 keyboard (aka the BONTEMPI 666) from the local seaside cocktailbar.  Recorded in one go on a moody rainy Monday afternoon somewhere in 2017. Buy at Clone or IFM or Bleep.comDigital here on the Legowelt bandcamp website

All the Nightwind Records tapes are artisan handcopied, printed, cut and manufactured by myself in Scheveningen Holland.

Note: The digital bandcamp versions come with lots of extras – such as high resolution PDF’s of the tape inlays – so you can make your own tape! Just record the bandcamp downloaded wavs/mp3s/flacs whatever on an empty tape on your tapedeck – print out the PDF’s –  cut and fold them – insert them into the tapecase and hey here we go!!!

11 April 2018

Legowelt in Athens & London this weekend

13 april Friday I will play a live show in the Temple in Athens – Saturday I fly to London to play the Dimensions Festival X Oval Space with Intergalactic Gary, Claro Intelectro, Anastasia Kristensen and Dimensions Soundsystem!

Info and tickets for the Athens show here

Info and tickets for the London show here

See You There!!!

10 april 2018

Trame Due ambient compilation on Minimal Rome

This one has been out for a few weeks already I guess but just to let you know – a cool 2xLP Ambient compilation including the lost PHALANGIUS – ELITE GALAXY track made on this Jupiter 8 a long time ago – get it here/check snippets at CLONE or your local dealer!

29 march 2018

Legowelt MiniMoog Sample Pack

Something to survive the easter egg onslaught with -> 223 samples from my 1970s Moog Minimoog synthesizer Serial number#5529.  Including all the noise, dust, crackle, unstableness and sheer uncorrupted walnut-wooden sensuality you can get with a real MINIMOOG. All in 16 bit WAV format! Use its brute discrete analog power in your own sampler! Free for you to use in your own tracks!

Download the sample pack here (108.9 MEGaByTeZ)

For those who don’t know the MiniMoog is probably one of the most famous synthesizers ever – first rolling out of the factory in the early 70s -> here is a little cool documentary from Moog itself about this synth with everything you need to know!

Lyon and Bordeaux this weekend

A little France tour – Friday 30 March I play at the Le Diskret in Lyon with DJ Overdose and Saturday 31 March got invited by VOISKI to play at his IBOAT party in Bordeaux. More info on the Lyon party here . More info on the IBOAT party here . See you there!!!

21 March 2018

Tupolev System LP at Clone

The Franz Falckenhaus Tupolev System LP is also available at CLONE get it here!


Legowelt in Toronto

This Friday 16 March I DJ in Toronto at BAMBIS six year anniversary