Heyooooo sup welcome to LEGOWELT.ORG - A new SHADOW WOLF RADIO episode is out with a two hour Legowelt DJ mix listen below and check out the tracklist! ********** This tuesday I'll be playing the worlds biggest sequencer with Egyptian Lover and Collin Benders at the AMSTERDAM CENTRAL STATION more info about that below!!!!!!!!! ************OUT NOW on triple vinyl in gatefold sleeve. : THE OCCULT ORIENTATED CRIME ALBUM triple vinyl repress of the 2014 Nightwind records cult ambient album, coming on the australian SOLANDER records (same label that did the OBERHEIM SPACE repress last year) - also coming soon finally that album I made at the Swiss Museum for Electronic Instruments earlier this year in the quaint town of Fribourg...its called 'Uncondtional Countours'...and also a double vinyl repress of SAMMY OSMO's SCHADUW HORIZON album on the English Utter records...like usual due to unforeseen currents in our time space continuum this probably will come out all at the same time ******** ********* ok thats it for today laterszzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ****************

Hexagroove Tactical DJ for Nintendo Switch

I did some sound work for a Japanese Swedish videogame for the Nintendo called HEXAGROOVE TACTICAL DJ – were you play a DJ and have to tour clubs and sequence tracks in the right way for points – I did the ‘basic electro’ level with some raw old school, acid & The Hague electronix vibes. Theoretically you can make a zillion of new tracks with the 48 loops I provided.  Worth checking out if you have a Nintendo and can cope with other music styles like Goa Trance and reconstructed club house ;p More information here on the Nintendo website

Here is some footage of the game:

Worlds Largest Sequencer at Amsterdam Central Station

ADE is starting this week and that means it snabbel time again! Something adventerous and a bit exotic -> This tuesday 15 October I’ll be playing the worlds largest sequencer with Egyptian Lover & Colin Benders at the Central Station in Amsterdam – Starts at 19:00 – More information here…See you there!

Here is a little movie about this sequencer with Japanese Synth designer Tatsuya Takahashi:

12 October 2019

Shadow Wolf Radio 6 – 2 Hour Legowelt DJ MIX


Episode 6 of the Shadow Wolf Radio show on Intergalactic FM! -> A 2 Hour Legowelt DJ set not much chitchat but lots of unreleased and hot stuff non stop in the mixxxxxxx, Listen on Soundcloud or download here – check out the tracklist below! The artwork is painting called ‘Soup for One’ – look at it in more detail here


Chairweiner – Follow the Leader
Call Here My Varlet – The Police Sais…
Dawn Of The Iconoclast
Legowelt – Squirrel
Moon B – Moonside Track 2
De Ambassade – Zo Hoog als de Bogen
Ende Shnaefliet – New Synthi
O Yuki Conjugate – P2
Mono Junk – Onket
David Lyme – Bambina
Nightmoves – Transdance
Smersh – Cassettepets – Herman
Mono Junk – Won’t You Leave Love to Me
Beverly Hills 808303 Acid Planet 4
Lynx – Call
IOSS – Yes Yes Oh Yes Composition Nr.1
Unit Moebius – Bombo
R-Zac – Digital Acid
Frank De Wulf VS T Quest – Play
Legowelt – Don’t Let Your Life Go By On Automatic Pilot
Bamboo Spaceship – Go Between
Traxman – Lady Dro
Vibert & Simmonds – Go To Sleep Everything Is Alright
Infiniti – Think Quick
Ian Boddy – Living In A Ritual
Penik Ettek – Black Catalogue Ritual Acid
Sparkwave – Crashers
Trinere – How Can we Wrong
Ceephax Acid Crew – Arachnid Acid
Nosferatu Chip
Coverti World Ultra Distortion
Black Tape For A Blue Girl

2 October 2019

Moscow & Groningen this Weekend!

I’ll be Back in MOSCOW this Friday! Playing Nina Kraviz’ трип label party (MU-TRIP µ трип) with a pretty cool line up TERENCE DIXON – Vladimir Dubyshkin – Parrish Smit and lots of other cool artists. At the MUTABOR club more info and tickets here

Saturday I travel back to Groningen Holland for an ACID DJ set at the SIMPLON with legendary Thee J Johanz more info and tickets here

1 October 2019

OUT NOW: The Occult Orientated Crime Album 3xLP

And its here! unleashing Occult Orientated Crime once more! The Vinyl re-issue of the 2014 Legowelt ambient album – original released on my Nightwind records and re-issued by the Australian Solander Recording Company label – comes on 3 LP’s in gatefold sleeve with ASCII-art.

Get it at the following stores:

HollandClone Records –  Rush Hour Records –  Bordello A Parigi

GermanyHVV.DE – Vinyl Digital.com – Decks.de – Vinylism.de

UK: Phonica Records – Red Eye Records – Juno – Norman Records

JapanDisk Union Japan

and a lot of other stores around the world too!
The digital version is available on my bandcamp here

Sound snippets:

Tausend Kusse

Natufian Modelling Agency

Romantik in LZH127 Speiseraum

Formation of Chaos


Ravellian Mindmelt

Neolithic Computer

Worship me in the Temple of Transcendence

Rodrigo Synthese System

Ingesloten In Een Museum

Norwegian Raven


27 September 2019

Legowelt in Kiev

This Saturday 28 september Legowelt live at the Expo center Ukraine in KIEV with VoIski and lots of other artists too! – tickets and info here

18 September

Legowelt live in Moldova this Saturday

After my first visit last March I return to beautifull Moldova again to play at the ARTCOR cultural center in Chisinau! This Saturday 21st of September at ARTcOR  str. S. Lazo, Chisinau , Moldova. Starts at 22:00…See you there!!!

12 September

Draaimolen Festival this Saturday

This Saturday Legowelt presents GLADIO live at the Strangelove 1 stage at Draaimolen festival in Tilburg with Afra b2b KI/KI – Helena Hauff – Job Jobse – Marie Davidson live –
Objekt back to back with DJ Stingray and Parrish Smith! More info here

Monday 9 september 2019

The Occult Orientated Crime Album on Vinyl

In the past 5 Years many of you have inquired, insisted, requested, prayed, petitioned and whatnot for a vinyl release of my 2014 THE OCCULT ORIENTATED CRIME album on Nightwind records, originally only released digitally on bandcamp –  well your dreams have become reality as the Australian ambient label SOLANDER recordings is bringing you a triple vinyl version. All tracks are there including the Norwegian Raven one. Test pressings came in last week and its all good! coming soon in a gatefold sleeve 3xLP with ASCII shadow wolf cyberzine style artwork  – more news as we get it!

Some places you can pre-order so far:

Clone Records Holland

HVV.DE Germany

Vinyl Digital.com (Germany)

Rush Hour Records (Holland)

Phonica Records (U.K.)

Bordello A Parigi (Holland)

Disk Union Japan

Red Eye Records (U.K)

Decks.de (Germany)

Vinylism.de (Germany)

Also availabe soon at a lot of other stores!


Saturday 31 August

Checking out the MOSTRO a cool little Colombian FM synth

While in Medellin Colombia I visited the Outer Space Sounds office – OSS is a Colombian synthesizer brand that manufactures the MOSTRO – designed and manufactured in Medellin Colombia it brings a unique take on FM synthesis using a very effortless hands on control system. Its a got a cool old-school ‘scalable’ switch keyboard, a delay and a looper – this looper records the MIDI data – not audio – so its more of a sequencer and you can tweak the sounds once its looping! Extra coolness factor is that all synthesizer terms are in spanish – Oscillador, Envolente and Telcado sounds quite exotic. They were kind enough to lend me and Dim Garden one to make some sound demos, check them out below, all coming 100% from the MOSTRO, except the first ambient pad which has some cheap Chinese Mooer reverb pedal coming in after a minute or so:

Ambient pad with reverb pedal coming in

FM sequence

Carpenter Looper

Moody FM tones

Little tones looper (multiracked) 

Dim Garden’s Stray Cats (multitracked)

Dim Garden’s Folky tones