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19 May 2023



my new ALCHEMULATOR album called ‘A Lonely Larper on LARPA Net on NIGHTWIND records!!!

This is the follow up the 2021 ALCHEMULATOR – “LARPING AT FAIRSNAKE HAMLET” album that was released on Hunger! records.  The sound goes in a bit of a different direction, the cheap digital FM  homekeyboard is replaced with simple FM synths, old “obsolete’ samplers and some other stuff.  There are a lot of vocals, I would describe them as synthesizer ballads…or hauntological hypnogogic synthesizer folk songs???…..a bit of devotional psychedelic spacejazz influence…you can find the lyrics behind the tracks on bandcamp. It is pay what you want so anything you can miss is welcome. Please spread the word and enjoy 🙂

Stuff used as far as I can remember: AKAI X7000, Yamaha DX100, Yamaha DX21, Arturia Microfreak, Korg Microstation, Yamaha PSR373, Alesis Quadraverb, Alesis Midiverb II, ZoOM MS70CDR, AKG microphone, ART limiter, Behringer ultragain mic pre-amp, Soundcraft Mixing desk.


10 May 2023

New Legowelt DJ Mix for 3FM The Beat

Here is a DJ set I did for the Dutch state radio NPO 3FM or whatever its called these days, for a show saturday night called THE BEAT. The mix is 55 minutes (that is a bit short for my style but because hour slot with 5 mins for state news etc.) Nevertheless check it out on soundcloud above 🙂


Legowelt – Pancakes with mist
Tricky D – Letters
Daize – Freestyle loop
Lennard Ypma – Wolf Men Legowelt remix
Legowelt – Unconditonal Contours Swiss track
Legowelt – a Chalice of Midiverb II
Yamaha PSS synth gefriemel
Connection Machine – Echoes from Tau Ceti (Legowelt remix)
Dj Di’jital – Final Frontier
Shut Up And Dance – Wipe the Needle
Legowelt – Life before Singularity (Feel the World)
DJ Overdose – Fiend
Legowelt – The Sad Life of an Instagram DJ
Ultradyne – forgot the name of the track, something with an ARP synth Quadra or Omni??? will figure it out soon 😉
Anthony Rother – Radical Minds
Kode9 & spaceApe – Nine Samurai
Yamaha PSS home keyboard jazz


3 May 2023


OUT NOW Lennard Ypma Rave Invaders II with LEGOWELT remix of WOLFMEN on
Lo Fidelity Music!!! Get it at clone or your local dealer!


3 May 2023


This Saturday 6 may I play in Barcelona Spain at the Razzmatazz 8Lectro electro festival with lots of other cool artists such as Annie Hall, DJ Overdose, Gesloten Cirkel, Jrensen Interceptor and lots more 🙂 Info and tickets here !!!

18 april 2023
Hermit in a Rave Cave II

The second record in the HERMIT IN A RAVE CAVE series is out now on Clone records!

More Lo-Fi Raw Tool Tracks to wreck the dancefloors!!!

Check it out here

16 April 2023


This Thursday 20 April I will be Essen Germany to play a special live version of the Polychrome Music art project I did with artist Rafaël Rozendaal last year.  This will happen at the Goethe Bunker more info here

Before that is the vernisage opening of Rafaël Rozendaal’s “Color Code, Communication” exhibition at the Museum Folkwang. This is Rafaël’s first major solo exhibition of his digital work including our Polychrome Music project.This exhibition is from 21 April untill 20 august 2023 and if you are in the neighbourhood you should definitely check it out!


12 April 2023:


on the New Jersey Axumesia Records get it at clone records or the Axumesia Bandcamp page ! Proceeds from digital sales will go the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)

11 April 2023

Legowelt in Czechia 14 April

This Friday 14 April I will play in BRNO CZECHIA at FLÉDA
Štefánikova 95/24, Ponava, 602 00 Brno-Brno-Královo Pole, Czech Republic ‎

Also playing Lemon Without Taste (live) VDRT (live) Ban Jarnet and Plast !

Tickets and more info here 

See You There!!!


Saturday 1 April

Paradiso Amsterdam Saturday 1 April

This Saturday 1st of April, at the ‘Art of Acid’ event in Paradiso Amsterdam,  I will show my Ambient Trip Commander Animation movie with live soundtrack on synths (Korg Microstation, Yamaha Reface DX and CS, Art Mixer and ZOOM CDR 70 fx or whatever its called). Starts at 22:00, afterwards its DJ’s Alienata, Serge Clone and Beverly Hills 808303 on the decks. Tickets here!!!!!!!!!!!

Also a screening in DETROIT 7 April at the UFO FACTORY!