Heyooo welcome to Legowelt.org the official website of musician artist Danny Wolfers aka LEGOWELT running in a dusty corner of cyberspace since ancient times ******* Out any moment 10" vinyl of King Jammy's PAMPIDOO - SYNTHESIZER VOICE Legowelt remix on Rhythm Discs! Check out more info below! ******** Next gig is in Wroclaw POLAND at CIALO Saturday 18 March check the agenda section for other gigs all over the world like INDIA, USA, PORTUGAL, FINLAND, CZECHIA, SPAIN, MALTA and more!!! **** Also another screening of my Animation movie with live soundtrack 1st of April at Paradiso in Amsterdam and one in DETROIT 8 April at the UFO Factory (just the screening) which is the US premiere!!!!!!!! ******** Ok thats it for today laterzzzzzzzzzzzz *************************

17 March 2023

Legowelt in Wrocław Poland

This Saturday 18 March Legowelt live in Wrocław at CIALO Joannitów 13, 50-086 Wrocław, Poland

For more upcoming Legowelt gig dates in Czechia, Holland, USA, India, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Finland, Malta and more check out the Agenda section!!!

See you there 🙂 !!!


16 March 2023

Sample pack section updated

The Legowelt Oberheim Matrix 1000 and Yamaha PSS380 synth sample packs are back online. The Oberheim one has 180 samples from my Oberheim Matrix 1000 synth and the PSS380 a few but usefull synth samples from the Yamaha PSS380 2 FM operator keyboard synth (Including a very luscious Analogue Bubblebath pad)

And ofcourse there are loads of other sample packs with free 16 bit samples from my synths to use in your productions from synths like the Jupiter 8, Roland JD800, QuasiMIDI SIRIUS, Moog Minimoog, EMU Vintage Pro, Roland JV2080 and the Drum Wizardry pack which has loads of snappy drumsounds from my samplers and drummachines. Check out the sample section here

11 March 2023



2 more screenings of my Ambient Trip Commander animation film:
US PREMIERE in DETROIT at the UFO FACTORY Friday 7 APRIL. Parts of the proceeds will go to Harm Reduction Detroit a charity that provides supplies and needs for homeless and trafficking outreach on the streets of Detroit and SouthEast Michigan. 

Also a screening 1st of April with LIVE soundtrack on synths at PARADISO AMSTERDAM at the The Art of Acid event. Afterwards Alienata, I-F and Serge will DJ 🙂 Tickets here

20 February 2023


I had to honour to remix KING JAMMY’s Pampidoo – Synthesizer Voice song from the original mastertapes. Out soon on RHYTHM DISC records on 10″ vinyl, with the original version remastered also on it 🙂 check out the Soundcloud soundbyte:

Releasedate early/mid march pre order at Juno records, PHONICAdeejay.de etc. or available at your local dealer soon!


19 February 2023

Legowelt in Shelter Amsterdam 3 Marc

I will play live at the Shelter Club in Amsterdam Friday 3 march

get early bird tickets here!

For more gigs in Poland, Czechia, Germany,  India, USA, Malta, Spain, Finland and more check
the agenda section!




Digital out now!!!

Finally I put the 2021 vinyl LP that came with the Polyend Tracker Legowelt hardware sampler/sequencer on my Bandcamp as digital release with some extra tracks!

GET IT HERE its pay what you want

Here is a videoclip animation I made for one of the extra tracks called COMPUTERLAND FORGET THIS LOUSY WORLD:

A Philosophy of Tracking was a vinyl LP album that came with the Legowelt Polyend Tracker hardware sequencer/sampler released in 2021. All songs were made on this machine. This digital release has a bunch of extra tracks that were not on the LP

The Polyend Tracker is a Polish electronic music instrument, a hardware version of 1990s tracker music software like Protracker and Octamed. Originating mainly on the Commodore Amiga and PC computers this software could extensively sequence sound samples. Starting thousands of music careers, they enabled more then ever anyone with just a cheap computer to make releasable music in their bedroom without the need of expensive music gear. It played a vital role in the development of many electronic music styles: Jungle, Gabber, Breakcore and The Hague electronix to name a few.

In 2021 Polyend released the TRACKER Legowelt edition. Sporting a custom faceplate designed by Legowelt and including 5000 samples from his studio. it also came with a bunch of tracks: “.mod files” that could be studied, altered or whatever you waned to do with. This album is mainly a selection of these tracks with some vocoder/vocals added. All songs.were made on the tracker, except vocals and vocoder which were done on a ZOOM1201, Korg RK100S, Roland VT-5 and some reverb and delay effects from an Alesis Midiverb 4.

Please share, like, spread the word and enjoy 🙂 


22 January 2023

Legowelt in France

I am playing some shows in France in Januari /Februari: I will be performing in Brest, Paris and Lyon!!!!

With Cuften and Too Smooth Christ!!!
Tickets and info here

with Cuften, Cate Hortl and To Kao!!!
Tickets and info here

Tickets and info here

See U There!!!!!!


12 December 2022

oUt NoW!!!


Ready to freak the club floors, first in a new series of EP’s with raw free spirited tracks from Legowelt’s studio. Availabe at any good recordstore around the world!

Check the snippets at clone.nl

Also watch the little video clip animation I made for the ‘Sentimental Proverbs Vocal” song:

SiDe bY SiDe wE rIdE aGaInSt tHe hOrDeS oF A.I. tRaNcE !!!



1 December 2022

Ambient Trip Commander Full movie now online

Finally I put my whole Ambient Trip Commander animation film on youtube for you to watch for free. The ‘cosiest’ christmas movie of 2022 uhhh there is some violent graphic scenes in this but so did Gremlins… watch it here!

Please spread the word! like it, repost it, make reviews, show it at your movie club or underground theatre, bootleg it, put it on torrentz (Wetransfer link with high quality 7.8 Gigabytez version here), put it on imdb, make pirated DVD VHS copies etc.etc.etc. I don’t care as long as this movie gets out there. This is produced completely grass roots without any distribution company or film funding, the movie was completely funded and made by myself.

If you want to book this for a live screening with live soundtrack on synths by me please contact my agent Rene: rene@octopus-agents.com and she will arrange everything. We’ve already did a whole bunch of sold out successfull shows at film/festivals and theatres/clubs like EYE Amsterdam, ADE Melkweg , Kino Armata Kosovo, Monokino festival Ostend, Roffa Mon Amour film festival Rotterdam etc.

More info on this movie here