Heyooooooooo wassup welcome to legowelt.org running in a dusty bubbled up corner of cyberspace since the beginning of time ******* Thanks to all the freaks that showed up in London it was a great party!!! Other upcoming gigs in ST.ETTIENNE FRANCE - KIEV - BELGRADO and more! check the agenda section for more info!! ******** more news soon!!!! Ok laterzzzzzzzzzzzzz *********************

6 December 2021

Etienne Jaumet & Legowelt concert on France TV

That concert with Etienne Jaumet where we played songs of the great Manu Dibango at the Theatre du Chatalet was broadcasted last Friday on France TV and can be watched here!

Equipment: Yamaha DX & CS reface – Roland VT4, Behringer VC340, OTO FX, Saxophone and some more stuff…

6 December 2021


This saturday 11 December I will play at the LE FIL club in Saint Etienne France! With ACID ARAB , SIX OU SEPT, FARFACID, L’ARTT CENE, DJ CHUIMIX, JACIDOREX and SUBMARINE FM!!! Tickets and more info here!

3 December 2021

Legowelt remix of Andy Martin & Lee Perry

Last year  I made a remix for Andy Martin and the great late Lee Perry – who sadly passed away not so long ago. Its out on vinyl on Mole Audio Records get it at decks or your local dealer.

28 November 2021

Nightwind Records Longsleeve Shirt

Available now: Nightwind records logo longsleeve shirt. Made out of 100% ringspun semicombed cotton. Euro fit black premium longsleeve with Nightwind Logo in purple hazed gradient. Available in S, M, L and XL. Ultrasoft cosey and comfortable apparel for all your unadulterated leisure activities!!! Get them at my bandcamp!

EDIT: Almost sold out only 4 S-sizes left

22 November


This Friday 26th of November I will play in London at NIGHT TALES – 14 Bohemia Pl HACKNEY Tickets here  and more info here (FB) SEE U THERE!!!

20 November 2021


I did a lot of the ingame music & Sound design for a new Dutch game called NEXT SPACE REBELS by Floris Kaayk Studios. In this game you play an amateur rocket builder that starts a vlog – its basicly a vlogger meets rocket building simulation…Kerbal Space Program meets Rockstar ate my Hamster meets Eliza????? You start with launching plastic soda bottles and end up in space itself with the real deal. Some intrigue and adventure is thrown in as you start competing with big insidious space conglomerates and join an anarchist space group in their fight for free internet. Anyways lots of meandering spaced out tunes in the background, the soundtrack will probably released in the future somewhere sometime…

The game is available now on PC and XBOX a Nintendo Switch version is coming in 2022. 


12 November 2021
Shadow Wolf Cyberzine на русском языке
Недавно SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE ISSUE #8 был переведен на русский язык l33t HaXor п3р3B0д4ик0м. Helena – спасибо вам большое за работу! Читайте здесь 🙂

8 November 2021


A new Legowelt DJ Mix with lots of stuff from all over the place!!! Made for a new DJ mix series presented by the The Hague CRAVE Festival!

Here is the tracklist:

Legowelt –  Amiga Lives Forever Polyend Tracker LP
S.M. Nurse – Frutta That’s the Body
Hieroglyphic Being – The Deepest Memory of my Own
Michael Griffin feat. George Karchmer & Khrissie Henderson – Close Your Eyes
Delores Galore – One Touch
Polarius – I met my Boyfriend at a Plague Rave + Synth Solo played over it
Spaced Out Krew S.O,K – Dance or Die PPU
Further Reductions – Only in my Mind
Legowelt – Ghost Stories from a New House
Hermit in a Rave Cave – Alive with Darkling Things that Fly
Legowelt – Come and See Your Misery
DJ Maaco – Reprogram
IXRQ – Dream in Data 
Houz Mon – Fear the World Original Tascam Version
Da GobliNN – Blow Torch
Luke Eargoggle – Minningar Of vaentinger Memories & Expectations
Legowelt – Feeling Oddly Alien I Ponder
Dollkraut – Vuile Leugenaar
Super Unknown- Machine Slayer
Ultradyne – X Termal Pulse Unseen Forces
Hiomokissapuisto – Ma Olen Vokoderi 
Klinik – Go Back
JASSS – Oral Couture 
In Namen des Volkes – Es Tut Nicht Mehr Weh

5 November 2021

Legowelt in Warzawa Poland this Wednesday

This Wednesday 10 November I will be in Warzawa Poland at the Jasna 1 club More info and tickets here! Should be fun 🙂

5 November 2021

Legowelt in Newcastle England this Saturday!

This Saturday 6 November I will play in Newcastle at Cobalt Studios with Dollkraut! More information here 10-16 Boyd Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, 10.30PM untill 3AM tickets £15…See U there!!!